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Bounce Back! Ist Edition Book 3

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1st edition


The award-winning first edition has 4 books.


Teacher's Resource Books

Level 1 - Junior Primary
Level 2 - Middle Primary
Level 3 - Upper Primary to Junior Secondary


Each of the three teacher’s resource books contains ten detailed curriculum units with hundreds of classroom activities and blackline masters. These resources and activities explore topics related to student resilience.


The Teacher Resource Book has ten curriculum units:

Core values: developing positive and pro-social values
Elasticity: introducing ‘resilience’ through maths and science activities (for 2nd edition this unit is online)
People Bouncing Back: developing strategies for coping and bouncing back
Courage: finding courage in both everyday life and difficult circumstances
Looking on the bright side: teaching optimistic thinking
Emotions: amplifying positive emotions and managing negative emotions
Relationships: skills for building and maintaining friendships
Humour as a coping skill
No bullying: skills for countering bullying
Success (STAR, CHAMP, WINNERS): skills and attitudes for being successful