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Eight Ways At Once – Book Two

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Eight Ways At Once

Book Two: Eight Ways At Once

Units of work based on Multiple Intelligences + Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy


In Book 2, all of the 200 teaching strategies from Book 1 are applied to units of work, creating hundreds of engaging and challenging classroom activities, games, performances and projects. These units of work can be readily adapted to different key learning areas for different year levels from K to 12.


The units of work are:


Includes 200 plus learning activities about animals from mammals, herptiles, insects, artropods, birds and fish. Content areas include habitats, shelters, pets, circus, the zoo and endangered and extinct species.


Examples of how to use over 200 teaching strategies with different texts show how to achieve literacy outcomes through these diverse text-based activities. 


Space and Flight
This unit includes the solar system, space exploration and travel, the history and science of flight and living things that fly such as birds and insects.


Health and Wellbeing
This unit includes activities on how the body works, factors that contribute to physical and mental wellbeing and illness, fitness, nutrition, resilience, drug education and self-respecting behaviour.


Planet Earth
This unit focuses on content related to the history of the earth (including dinasaurs), climate and weather, earth’s natural resources, environmental conservation, regions of extreme climate such as rainforests, deserts, Antarctica, major landforms, oceans and natural disasters.