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Helen and Toni’s latest book HITS & HOTS was released in July 2010. HITS is an acronym for High Impact Teaching Strategies and HOTS is an acronym for Higher Order Thinking Strategies. The book is based on evidence about effective teaching and especially on the meta-analyses of Professor John Hattie and Robert Marzano. It focuses on cooperative learning, teaching social skills, goal setting, feedback, educational games and quizzes, mastery learning, metacognition, peer coaching, and reciprocal learning.


HITS and HOTS includes over 50 teaching strategies, educational games and quizzes, each with step-by-step instructions and ideas for where they can be used in the curriculum. The social skills that can be practised in each activity are also described. Most strategies are suitable for teaching in the middle and upper primary school and secondary school . Some can also be used in tertiary settings.


The accompanying CD contains student instructions, electronic copies of Black Line Masters and additional resources, teacher tools and sample games and quizzes for the interactive whiteboard.


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